By those who live outside of Hamilton, it may be meekly known as ‘Steel City’ or ‘The Hammer’. Most people don’t know the true beauty and excitement that surrounds and runs through the veins of this vastly growing community. Moving to Hamilton means living in a place where you can relax outdoors or live it up in the city. Here’s why you should become a Hamiltonian:

1. Close to nature
Being located on the Niagara Escarpment means that Hamilton is home to beautiful landscapes, nature trails, waterfalls and picturesque lookouts. Within a short walk, bike ride or drive, you can reach all of these beautiful scenic locations:

  • Webster Falls
  • Dundas Valley Conservation
  • Escarpment Rail Trail
  • Albion Falls
  • Bruce Trail
  • Tiffany Falls
  • Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation
  • Bayfront Park, and more!

Grab your running shoes, a water bottle and your camera and get hiking!

2. Easy highway access
Many people choose to live in Hamilton because it’s an easy commute to other cities. Whether they commute to work or want the option of addition entertainment, Hamilton’s network of highways makes getting around and out of the city easy and efficient. Residents have easy access to the 403, Highway 8, Red Hill Valley Pkwy, and the Lincoln M. Alexander Pkwy within minutes.

3. Fantastic restaurant scene
Don’t feel like cooking? No problem! Whether you are feeling Mexican, deep deep dish pizza, sushi or just good ole pub favourites, Hamilton has it all! Some of the best spots to check out around town are:

  • Mezcal – 150 James St S.
  • Pho Dau Bo – 15 Cannon St. E.
  • The Ship – 23 Augusta St.
  • Chicago Style Pizza Shack – 534 Upper Sherman Ave.
  • Saltlick Smokehouse – 282 James St. N.

4. Entertainment
Downtown Hamilton, during the day and night, always has something going on! It’s a major destination for music festivals, theatrical performances, sporting events and concerts. It’s home to:

  • Hamilton World Music Festival
  • Strangewaves Music Festival
  • Fringe Festival
  • The Hamilton Tiger Cats
  • First Ontario Centre
  • Theatre Aquarius, and more!

5. Big city with a hometown feel
Hamilton is full of great people and organizations who work each and every day to make their communities a better place. Being a Hamiltonian is much more than just living there, it’s about getting to know your neighbours, supporting the local restaurants and small businesses, and flying your Hamilton Tiger Cats flag with pride. Everyone who lives in Hamilton, new and old, are proud to be from a close knit community who are always willing to welcome new comers.